OSH Training Services

     OSH training is one of the most effective ways to help develop safety competence in the workplaces, SHAWPAT has become a center place where specialists and experts at national and international levels in various areas of OSHE come to meet and exchange their views and experiences. SHAWPAT has organized a wide range of OSH training programs as required by laws as well as other related and not yet developed courses. Therefore, all personnel in enterprises would be able to develop safety and health in their workplace more effectively and systematically.
     Those OSH training services have covered some of the following programs:
               • Most 0SH training courses as required by laws and legislations under the Thai Ministry of Labour.
               • Other special courses and techniques, such as Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Risk Assessment Techniques, Health Risk Assessment (HRA), Indoor Air Quality, etc

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Environmental Measurement and Consultation Services for Improvement of Work Environment

         Work environment containing high concentrations of dust, chemical, noise, light, or heat could cause to occupational illnesses. Therefore, proper measurements and technically accurate diagnosis of work environment would lead to the proper elimination and control of those hazardous sources in the workplace.

Those technical services are such as:

  • General work environment measurement and diagnosis services.
  • Sample collection and measurement services for ambient air quality, including dust and chemical concentrations.
  • Environmental measurements of water quality and other related parameters.
  • Advisory services for work environment improvement and establishment of the OSHE Management System.
  • Training course on work environmental measurement techniques and uses of measuring instruments.

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Technical Information Services and Products for OSHE Promotion

           In addition to promoting the compliance with Thai legislations as well as international standards requirements for workplaces, workers' safety mind and awareness has to be developed as well. SHAWPAT has then provided other acitivities to help with campaign and promotion of safety culture and workers' safety awareness for both on-the-job and off-the-job situations:

  • Technical information services are provided via SHAWPAT'S website (www.shawpat.or.th]
  • Publication of technical manuals, text books and other forms of multimedia services.
  • OSH promotional materials, products and activities are provided to member and non-member to enhance safety awareness and safety culture in the workplace.